Ex Models – Other Mathematics (2001)


Gas – Gas0095 (1995)

German musicians have always been at the edge of electronic music, starting from Stockhausen to the Krautrock groups in the 70s’ and 80s’ popularized by the international success of Kraftwerk.

In his project Gas, Wolfgang Voigt swerves even further away from the lingering influences of classical rock instruments, officially cutting the ribbon to minimalist techno along with other European groups like the Orb and Biosphere. This group of musicians aimed for a drifting sonic atmosphere than rely on temporal sequence, and heavily sampled from music in diverse disciplines as well as mass media contents.

90s’ techno-electronic was fittingly described as “coming down music” (simply put, “trippy”) by all-night ravers. Voigt also found inspiration for his other notable album, Königsforest (1997), from LSD experiences in his hometown Köln.

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